Internal 16bit Processing New

Colorcast detects video footage with 10bit or higher color resolution and switches to its internal 16bit graphics processing automatically.

Pro Apps Metadata New

The info pane shows basic information like name, frame rate and resolution and also let's you edit certain in-camera metadata.

High Dynamic Range Color New

The integrated color management makes sure that colors are represented accurately and handles HDR color spaces for 10bit or higher footage.

Basic Color Correction

Correct under/over exposed footage. Lift the shadows while maintaining the highlights, correct white balance and spice up the image by giving it more vibrancy and saturation.

Film Emulation

Give your footage a familiar touch by emulating the color of popular analog films. Black & white, color positives, negatives and reversals.

Lift/Gamma/Gain Color Wheels

The three-way color corrector for shadows, mid tones and highlights lets you custom color grade your footage into all sorts of cool color styles.

Color Lookup Tables

Apply custom made 1D and 3D color lookup tables (LUTs) using the industry standard .cube file format.

Professional Analysis Tools

Integrated image scopes like histogram and RGB-Parade update in realtime for precise tuning and effortless comparison of your footage.

Batch Processing

The integrated batch processing makes working with a lot of clips easy and the project based data model is easy to integrate in existing workflows.

  • Basic Correction of Exposure, White Balance and Saturation
  • Batch Export Multiple Clips or Projects
  • Professional Color Grading Tools