Colorcast 0.5 Adds Support for Cinema DNG, Anamorphic De-Squeeze and Slow Motion

Mar 03, 2018

It's time for a new update to Colorcast. I am very pleased on how the application is coming together. In this version, I added support for Cinema DNG (folder based). Cinema DNG is an industry standard to store RAW video. Sometimes there are tools that convert the vendor RAW format of the camera to Cinema DNG and other times Cinema DNG is directly produced in camera, examples for this is the Blackmagic Cinema Camera lineup and the DJI X5R camera that can be mounted on a DJI Osmo or under a DJI Inspire drone.

Additionally I added the option to de-squeeze anamorphic video. Anamorphic video has been recorded in camera using anamorphic lenses. These types of lenses do not scale the x and y axis of an images the same way, but for example cram an ulta-wide shot into a 16:9 image. In post you then assign a new aspect ratio that fits the natural scale more closely. Most of the time the image then gets wider. Examples are 4:3 to 16:9 or 16:9 to Cinemasope 2.35:1.

For this release I also moved the export settings from the preferences panel into the export panel. This means that the export settings can now be checked and changed before every export. They can now be different for every project. Additionally I also added a frame re-timing option. In the export panel, you can now choose to change the frame rate. Using this option, you can change 60 fps video to 24 fps for example and thus get a gorgous slow motion shot.

There are also a lot of smaller updates which can be checked out in great detail on the Version History page.