Colorcast Alpha v0.3 Available

Dec 21, 2017

I am happy to make a new version of Colorcast available today.

I spent the last couple of months digging deep into Apple's video frameworks and its Metal graphics engine. And the result is quite nice. I was able to integrated 16bit graphics processing in preview and export for video footage with 10bit or higher color information. Right now ProRes and HEVC is automatically detected. High bitdepth support for other formats will be added over time. 16bit color transfer internally is done via Metal Performance Shaders and should be quite fast.

I also added support for basic and Apple Pro Apps metadata. Certain cameras like the Blackmagicdesign Cinema Cameras are able to write this metadata directly into the recorded footage. Colorcast can now import that metadata, make it available for editing in the info pane and can export the edited metadata, too. I have plans to improve metadata handling over time as well. Stay tuned.

The export has been improved as well. It now maintains audio quality and clean aperture settings. It uses Rec.709 colorspace for 8bit and Rec.2020 colorspace for high bitdepth footage. There are also a lot of smaller updates which can be checked out in great detail on the Version History page.